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Discover the next generation modular smart locker system with UnyWare.


Cutting-edge product offering solutions to a wide range of your specific business process challenges. 

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Automates and supports internal collaboration, by creating synchronicity, transparency and orderliness

Enables your employees, customers and suppliers to focus on the important matters, by saving time and solving common tasks.

Modern solution that brings satisfaction with its intuitive and user-friendly design, capable of facilitating a business process from the beginning till the successful end.


Exceptional Quality & Security



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Device Staging

Host devices for unattended image/software installation, providing wired connectivity to PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Phones

Remote Support Service

Each UnyWare is a centralized spot for maintenance and installation of the relevant equipment used by your employees. Work optimization and convenience for your IT department.

Break/Fix PUDO

  Swap equipment – take a working device and return the defective one on its place, minimizing the IT support interaction duration

IT Store

 Supply your employees and guests with IT accessories - fast, easy and convenient. Headset, mouse, keyboard, webcam, others.

Smart Mail Room

Facilitate the activities of both the service providing department and users of the service, ensuring independence in time and planning. This is an opportunity to have a 24/7 mail room service.

Intelligent Parcel Delivery

Provides space for easy collaboration with external courier companies, through the possibility of software integration. Flexibility, convenience and security for each of the parties.

Pickup Station

A solution that provides independence in the collection of items with easy access and discretion


In times when everyone is more vigilant about their health and procurement of safety is a standard, UnyWare provides reliable disinfection.

Customer & Service Support 24/7

 Remote and onsite support focused on both the end user and the quality of service.

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Connected UnyWare

UnyWare is fully equipped to perfectly fulfill each of its purposes, easily customizable and seamlessly adapting to the needs of your IT company. List of features includes:

  • Ethernet Connectivity

  • Automated Cooling

  • USB & HDMI Connectivity

  • KVM Switch Connectivity

  • Power Supply

  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)


Manage new and outgoing staff by allocating preconfigured products for employees to pick up from the locker with their company ID cards.The technology is modular and enables you to start small and add a single locker or additional lockers in the future.

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About us


Why UnyWare?

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UnyWare is modern and flexible, covers every requirement and provides full functionality. It is designed to meet the challenges of today's business with a thought for tomorrow's needs. This is a  product with capability for integration with a variety of client's tools, addhoc development and open to the future challenges. All this is possible due to the fully controlled process of manufacturing the product and the parallel agile development of the accompanying software.


To meet your needs, UnyWare is a modular solution which allows you to choose the dimensions and embed the  product in your space.

Full Customization 

UnyWare has no limits, as any of its components can be customized - all the modifications depend on your needs.

Tel: +359 2 439 60 00


bul. "Eng. Ivan Ivanov ”70 B
Sofia 1303, Bulgaria

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